two rustic handmade christmas ornaments hanging in a christmas tree

These DIY Wooden Christmas Ornaments are so easy and fun, even the kids can help!

Making your own wooden DIY Christmas ornaments is a fun and special way to create lasting memories with your family. Not only will these handmade ornaments add a warm and sentimental touch to your Christmas tree, they will also be a reminder of the memories you made while creating them. With each special ornament, you can bring back a special moment from when it was made. So this holiday season, consider making your own homemade ornaments to make your tree truly special!

Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.
Peg Bracken
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Everything you’ll need To make your diy wooden Christmas ornaments

Wood slats, 1/4 or 1/8 inches. We used pine, but you could use whichever wood you prefer.
A scroll saw to cut the shapes into the wood, and a wood burner to add details.
Alternatively you could buy pre cut wooden shapes (Find at places such as Amazon or The Dollar Tree.)
And lastly, craft supplies for the fun part! We used school glue, but a glue gun would work even better. All the little fuzzies and scraps of paper can be found in the craft section.

Draw on your ornaments

This part is pretty straightforward. Keep in mind you’ll be cutting these shapes out of the wood, and wood burning the details of your ornaments, so try not to make them to intricate. We decided to draw freehand, but Christmas themed cookie cutters would be great shapes to trace onto the wood as well. When it comes to this step, you have the ability to make these wooden Christmas ornaments personalized however you like.

My 5 year old’s Christmas tree drawings after being cut out.

Cutting out your shapes

We love making our totally handmade wooden Christmas ornaments completely from scratch. But if you don’t have a saw, or just don’t want to cut shapes into a block of wood, you can totally buy wooden cutout shapes. These ones on Amazon would work perfectly. In our case, my husband used a scroll saw to cut the Christmas themed shapes out of our pieces of wood.

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Now for the wood burning;

This step is for adults (or big kids) only.

Using a wood burning pen, go over all the details inside your shapes. For our ornaments, that included the gingerbread man’s face and buttons, the snowman’s hat etc.
If you were making traditional Christmas tree bulb style ornaments, you could wood burn patterns or words into the wood. For example, one bulb could say “Merry Christmas 2022”. One great thing about diy wooden christmas ornaments is that you make make them whatever style of ornament you like.

Now for the fun part: decorating!

First, the kids and I (using safety scissors) cut out our little shapes from scraps of craft paper. We then chose which little fuzzy balls and such would go where, and using small Hodge Podge brushes we painted glue onto the ornaments. Then after sticking every little piece onto it’s pre glued spot, we set the ornaments aside for the glue to dry.

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And the final step… hang them on the tree!

After creating our beautiful DIY wooden Christmas ornaments, it’s finally time to hang them. We’ve used wire to create a loop for each ornament, so that we can attach it to the tree. We’ve hung some of them from the branches, others from the bottom, and some from the trunk. The ornaments look stunning against the lights and decorations on the tree. It’s a beautiful sight to behold and made the children so proud of the ornaments they helped us create.

diy snowman ornament in christmas tree
diy gnome ornament in christmas tree
rustic diy gingerbread man

Doing Christmas crafts with the children is a much more rewarding experience than buying decorations from the store.

It allows parents to spend quality time with their kids, create memories, and foster creativity all while celebrating the festive season. Crafting with kids also encourages them to think outside the box and use their imagination when creating unique pieces of art. Creating diy wooden Christmas ornaments is also an eco-friendly way to celebrate the holidays, as you can use recycled materials. Ultimately, making Christmas decorations with the family is an enjoyable and meaningful way to bring people together and make the holiday season extra special.

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