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Within these virtual pages, you’ll find a tapestry of heartfelt musings, reflective writings, and thought-provoking prompts, all carefully crafted to inspire and ignite your creativity.

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Hey there! My name is Megan MacDonald; I created this website in October of 2022.. Continue reading below to learn more about my story, or scroll even further if you’d like to get in touch.

Maritime roots, mountain air, and a heart full of words

Growing up in New Brunswick, the ocean was my muse. Today, nestled in British Columbia, it’s the whispering pines and soaring peaks that inspire. But the biggest adventure began in my early twenties, traveling solo across Canada, every train ride a poem in motion. That’s when I truly saw the poetry woven into life itself.

Words have always been my playground, and motherhood painted it brighter still. Reading to my tiny humans became a symphony of shared wonder, igniting a passion to share the magic of stories, both read and lived.

Let Life is Poetry be your invitation to step into that magic.

Join me, fellow bookworms and wanderers, let’s find the verse in every sunrise, the rhyme in every laugh, and the poem waiting to be written in your own life.

Pull up a cozy chair, open a book, and let’s write the next chapter together.

This is more than just a blog; it’s an invitation. Come, sit with me by the crackling fire of words, let your imagination take flight, and discover the poetry that sings within your own life.

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