“These poems seem to tumble into me with rage and beauty that is oceanic. I am Satched to the core.” —  Clea Roberts, author of Auguries

Satched is the newest book by Canadian poet and Scotiabank Giller Prize finalist Megan Gail Coles. The book offers a collection of poems that explore heavy themes such as gender inequality, intergenerational trauma and capitalism with both humorous candor and visceral discomfort. Satched was published in September 2021 by House of Anansi Press Inc. It is Coles’ third book, following her collection “Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club” (2019), which was a finalist for the CBC Canada Reads Awards and a number 1# national best seller.

I Have Been A Messy B*#%

“The men who love me are the men who hate me, it was the same in grade school it is the same now.”

As a women close in age who is also from Canada’s Atlantic coast, this hit pretty close to home.

One of the highlights in this poetry collection is the dynamic between humor and grief. Coles’ does a fantastic job capturing the canid and comedic voice of Eastern Canada. Meanwhile expressing traumatic and emotional retellings and experiences likely all women can relate to. This scathing portrayal of our misogynistic culture is simultaneously the warm embrace of a friend who let’s you know your both seen and heard, while also being the hand that violently points your head towards a wall bearing bold writing (that has been there for some time).

Women who want to erase themselves never take selfies with the bourbon bottle, or joke or of wine O’ clock
as if the countdown ticking off miserable on their wrist was not stalking them through the dry hours
spent worried of near satchings in the night
and what of this or that recovery plan,
just more steps to count and I hate math
trying to remove your mind from your body
it is not funny. Stop it, please, stop that humble bragging
why mommy drinks is not why other women drink

and you know it.
Megan Gail Coles, Satched

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