In this post, we will share with you 10 poetic words that have been used to express love throughout the ages. We will also explore how these words can be used to elevate and enhance our own expressions of love. Join us on this journey as we explore the depths of the human heart and discover the beauty of language.

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One of the most potent and transforming experiences we as humans can have is love. It can shift our ideas on life, motivate us to create, and move us in ways that are both thrilling and painful. The experience of love has served as a powerful muse for many poets, inspiring them to delve into the depths of their emotions and express those emotions through poetry. Love poetry in particular has a long and rich history, with poets expressing their love and longing in verse across time and throughout countries. Poets can explore a wide range of emotions related to love, including joy, grief, passion, and desire, and do so by using the magic of poetry to express their own sentiments as well as those of their lovers. Poetry, like love, creates a connection and can leave a lasting impression.


Adulation: excessive admiration or praise

“He showered her with adulation, praising her beauty and intelligence at every opportunity.”


Canorous: having a pleasant, melodious sound

“The canorous melody of the love song reminded her of the first time she had heard it with him.”


Dolorous: expressing sorrow; mournful

“She felt dolorous when she found out that he was already in a relationship, her heart felt heavy with sorrow.”


Mellifluous: sweetly or smoothly flowing; melodious

“The way he whispered her name in her ear was mellifluous, making her heart skip a beat.”


Wistful: feeling or showing longing, especially for something distant or unattainable.

“He looked wistfully at her picture, longing to hold her in his arms once more.”


Besotted – blindly or utterly infatuated.

“She was completely besotted with him, her love clouded her judgement and she couldn’t think straight.”


Enamored – to be filled with a feeling of love for.

“He stood outside the window, enamored with the beautiful girl he saw inside, unable to take his eyes off of her.”


Reverie – a state of being pleasantly lost in ones thoughts; a daydream.

“Lost in a reverie, he daydreamed about his love, imagining all the ways he could make her happy.”


Fervor – intense and passionate feeling.

“He spoke of his love with fervor, his passion and excitement were palpable.”


Enraptured – deeply captivated and charmed by someone or something.

“She was enraptured by him, captivated by his every move and word.”

Those were our 10 poetic words for love & longing; let us know if you plan to use any of these words or if there are any great love words we missed!

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