How to Have Your Very Own Blind Date with a Book

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Or by its title, author, or genre? If you’re like most readers, you probably have some preferences and biases when it comes to choosing your next read. But what if you could go on a blind date with a book, without knowing anything about it except a few clues? Would you take a chance on something new and unexpected, or stick to your comfort zone?

Having a blind date with a book is a fun and exciting way to discover new books and challenge yourself as a reader. It’s a concept that has been around for a while, but has gained popularity in recent years, especially around Valentine’s Day.

The idea is simple: you pick a book based on the clues, unwrap it, and read it. You might end up loving it, hating it, or feeling indifferent about it. But whatever the outcome, you’ll have a unique and memorable reading experience.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about going on a blind date with a book, and how you can find your perfect book match. Plus, I’ll show you how you can enter a giveaway to win a blind date with a book tailored to you, and how you can join a quiz to find out what kind of book you should go on a blind date with.

Are you ready to go on a blind date with a book? Then let’s get started!

My Own Blind Date With A Book Experience

I first stumbled upon the idea of going on a blind date with a book while scrolling through this super cool blog post. I thought, “Why not spice up my reading life a bit?”

So, I headed to my local bookstore, where they had this awesome setup with books all wrapped up and offering intriguing clues. It felt like stepping into a treasure hunt for stories! From classics hinting at love dramas to YA fantasies promising magical adventures, each package held its own mystery. As I checked out the selection, I couldn’t resist trying to guess what was hidden inside.

But then, I saw a book that caught my eye. It had a simple brown paper wrapping, with a red ribbon around it. The clues on it were:

  • A historical fiction novel
  • Based on a true story
  • Set in 18th century France
  • A tale of passion, intrigue, and revolution

I immediately felt a rush of excitement. Historical fiction steeped in real-life drama?? And who can resist the allure of France and its captivating history?

With eager hands I forked over some cash and headed home, my heart fluttering with anticipation. Oh, the thrill of unwrapping a mystery package!

The book revealed itself to be none other than “The Queen’s Lover” by Vanora Bennett.

They met at a masquerade ball in Paris in 1774, and fell in love at first sight. Their affair lasted for more than twenty years, through the stormy years of the French Revolution, the Terror, and the guillotine. They risked everything for each other, and for the cause of freedom.

But their love was doomed by fate, politics, and the wrath of the people. They were separated by war, imprisonment, and exile. They never gave up hope of seeing each other again, until the day that one of them faced the ultimate sacrifice.

The blurb had me at hello. A tale brimming with intrigue, passion, and romance? Sign me up! I craved the juicy details of Marie Antoinette and Count Axel von Fersen’s tumultuous love story, eager to uncover how they navigated the stormy seas of history.

As I cracked open the book, I found myself whisked away to 18th century France, a world teeming with opulence, betrayal, and heart-stopping drama. It was as if I had a front-row seat to the grand theater of history, each page pulsating with the raw emotions of its characters.

But it wasn’t just a love story—it was a crash course in French history and culture. Through the author’s meticulous research, I gained a newfound appreciation for the complexities of the French Revolution, seeing it through the eyes of those who lived it.

Two days later, I reluctantly turned the final page, my heart heavy with the weight of a story well told. “The Queen’s Lover” had surpassed all my expectations, leaving me utterly enchanted. Consider me smitten, and consider this blind date an unmitigated success.

If you’re interested in going on your own blind date with books, there are a few ways to dive in: Some local bookstores throw events where you pick a wrapped book without knowing what it is—super exciting! You can also check out for a similar experience, or even complete the quiz at the end of this post.

Join Our Blind Date With A Book Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce our Blind Date With A Book Giveaway—a chance for you to indulge in the thrill of a mystery read selected just for you, alongside some charming extras to complement your reading journey.

How to Participate

Getting involved is simple:

  1. Leave a Comment: Start by dropping a comment on this post. Share your preferred genre, beloved authors, or what draws you most to the world of reading. We’re all ears!
  2. Take the Quiz: Discover your literary match by taking our quiz. Uncover your ideal book based on your unique tastes, personality, and mood. This is ensures that you end up with a book you’ll enjoy if you win!
  3. Provide Your Email: To ensure you receive updates, kindly leave your email address after taking the quiz.

What’s in Store

Wondering what awaits the lucky winner? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Blind Date With A Book: One fortunate participant will receive a handpicked surprise read, wrapped in intrigue and anticipation. Who knows what literary treasure lies beneath the cover?
  • Extra Treats: As an added bonus, we’re including delightful goodies to elevate your reading experience. Think charming bookmarks to mark your pages, delectable snacks for your enjoyment, and candles to set the mood for cozy reading sessions.

Save the Dates

Make note of these important dates:

  • Entry Deadline: Be sure to submit your entries by March 15th for a chance to win.
  • Winner Announcement: Keep an eye out on March 20th to see if you’re the lucky recipient of our Blind Date With A Book giveaway!


Please note that this contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada only.

So don’t hesitate—join us for some bookish fun and embrace the excitement of embarking on a blind literary adventure!

Blind Date With A Book Quiz

Are you ready to embark on a literary adventure and discover your perfect romance read? This quiz is designed to match you with a captivating book based on your preferences, personality, and mood. Whether you’re a fan of historical dramas, contemporary rom-coms, or sci-fi fantasies, there’s a book waiting to sweep you off your feet.

Answer the following questions honestly, and let’s find your ideal literary match!

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Wrapping Up: Happy Endings & New Beginnings

Remember, whether you’re diving into a classic romance, getting lost in a historical epic, or soaring through the pages of a sci-fi love story, there’s a book out there waiting to sweep you off your feet. And with options like local bookstore events,, or even the quiz right here, your next literary adventure is just a page-turn away.

So here’s to happy endings and new beginnings, to stories that touch our souls and characters that feel like old friends. Happy reading!

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