May 2023

The Sober-Curious Revolution: Embracing a New Kind of Summer Experience

When was the last time you really took a truthful look at your relationship with alcohol? Lately, I’ve been doing some soul-searching and considering a significant change in my life—I’m officially embracing the idea of being sober-curious. Now, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I’ve completely cut out alcohol. Instead, I’ve decided to approach it with a newfound mindfulness, committing to abstaining from any alcohol for the next three months of summer. It’s amazing to see so many others making similar choices and transforming their lifestyles.

Sip into Summer: Cool and Refreshing Mocktails to Beat the Heat

These mocktails offer the best of both worlds—refreshing and delicious concoctions that allow me to embrace the joy of the season without compromising my responsibilities. They are crafted with love and care, using fresh ingredients that not only satisfy my taste buds but also nourish my body.
This collection presents 10 of my favorite mocktail recipes from around the web, each one capturing the essence of summer and offering a refreshing alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. So put on your favorite summer playlist, grab some ice, and let’s make some fun summer drinks, minus the liquor!

Infusing Everyday Life with Magic + How I’m Romanticizing Life This Summer

This summer,, I want to chase sunsets and twirl barefoot in fields, feeling the warm kiss of the sun on my skin. I want to dive into the depths of the ocean, surrendering to the rhythm of the waves. I am ready for the sweet-tart taste of raspberries on a sun-kissed afternoon, to laugh until my belly aches, and to dance beneath a starlit sky, lost in the music of the universe.

From Poetry to Prose: 15 Unique Words That Will Add Beauty to Your Summer

Warm nights are adorned with the enchanting flicker of fireflies, their gentle glow casting a spell of wonder upon our hearts. The taste of ripe berries bursting with sweetness, the scent of freshly cut grass, the feel of cool sand between our toes—it is in these moments that we realize life is poetry.
Which is why I wanted to share these poetic words and their definitions with you today; in hopes they might inspire you to pen your own verses. So, may these definitions serve as the inspiration you need In those precious instances when the heart overflows with emotions. I hope you enjoy!

Lost In The Wild: 10 Poems That Will Take You On An Adventure, pinterest pin

10 Poems That Will Transport You To The Outdoors

Nature, with its majestic landscapes and awe-inspiring beauty, provides an abundant source of inspiration for poets and dreamers alike. It whispers secrets in the rustling leaves, paints vivid pictures with its vibrant blooms, and orchestrates symphonies in the chorus of birdsong. In every dewdrop glistening on a petal or in the dance of sunlight through the canopy, poetry reveals itself effortlessly.

Hiking and Haikus: Combining Exercise and Poetry in the Great Outdoors

There’s a certain magic that occurs when we’re surrounded by nature’s beauty and the rhythm of the natural world. The way the leaves rustle in the breeze, the chirping of birds, and the sound of water flowing over rocks all work together to create a symphony that stirs the soul. And when this beauty is combined with the power of poetry, it can create a truly transformative experience. That’s why I’m excited to share with you my latest adventure – hiking and haikus, the perfect combination of exercise, nature, and poetry.

Poetic Words for May

As we enter the month of May, let us pause for a moment to appreciate the beauty of poetic language. I invite you to enjoy this slideshow of rare and evocative words related to flowers, and perhaps even find inspiration for your own creative endeavors. Remember, you can hover over an image to pause the slideshow, allowing you to take your time and savor the meaning of each word. May this collection of words infuse your day with wonder and delight.

An image of a mothers holding her daughter and smiling. It includes a Mother's Day poem.

10 Poems to Honor Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show our moms some love than by celebrating the powerful, beautiful, and nurturing force that is motherhood! As we all know, being a mom is no easy feat, and it takes a lot of hard work, love, and dedication.
So, in honor of all the amazing moms out there, I’ve put together a list of 10 inspiring poems that will warm your heart and fill you with gratitude.

scrollong instagram on a phone, looking at poetry on a phone.

The Rise of Instagram Poets: A Look at the Changing Landscape of Contemporary Poetry

Today, I wanted. to talk about the fascinating topic of Instagram poetry. Love it or hate it, it has certainly made its mark on the world of contemporary poetry. Some people argue that Instagram poets have destroyed poetry with their clichés and lack of originality. However, I’m here to tell you that despite these criticisms, the rise of Instagram poetry is ultimately a good thing for poetry as a whole.

pinterest pin including the words Canadian Book Boxes, a list of the best canadian book boxes including price.

6 Best Book Subscription Boxes for Canadian Bookworms in 2023

Picture this: it’s a cozy winter night, the fire is crackling, and you’re nestled in your favorite armchair, ready to dive into a new book. But wait, there’s a surprise waiting for you – a box filled with books and book-related goodies, curated just for you. This is the magic of book subscription boxes.
Now, if you’re a Canadian book lover like myself, you may be wondering if there are any book box subscriptions available to you. The answer is a resounding yes! Currently in 2023, there are several Canadian book box subscriptions that offer a range of options, from literary fiction to young adult to mystery.