Embracing Our Wildness and Why the Wild Woman Matters

Today I’ve got something on my mind I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. I believe that within our hearts resides a fierce and untamed force—the wild woman. She embodies the raw and instinctual parts of who we are, that part of us that are unfiltered, unrestrained, and completely wild. Yet, the chaos and pressures around us often drown out that wild spirit, leaving us feeling stifled and silenced. That’s why I wanted to talk about embracing the wild woman, and why we need her now more than ever.

If you’ve never heard of this ‘wild woman’ before, let me introduce you. Imagine a woman who is untamed, free-spirited, and unapologetically authentic. The Wild Woman archetype represents the primal and intuitive aspects within us. She is the embodiment of our untamed nature, urging us to reconnect with our dreams, desires, and passions. What makes your soul sing?

a photo of a woman dancing freely in the forest

Why We Need Her Now More Than Ever

You see, the wild woman archetype is all about embracing our primal essence. She’s that voice within us that whispers, “Hey, follow your gut. Trust your inner compass.” She’s like a cosmic GPS, guiding us back to our most genuine selves. In a world that often asks us to conform and fit into neat little boxes, the wild woman encourages us to break free, to dance to the rhythm of our own hearts.

Unfortunately, our modern society has encouraged a disconnection from our wild nature and intuition. The silent destruction of societal expectations have wreaked havoc upon our spirit’s as women. For far too long, we’ve been conditioned to disregard our intuition, to dismiss the whispers of our bodies and the cries of our needs. Society has fed us a steady diet of self-doubt and insecurity, leaving us feeling disconnected from our own power and purpose.

We’ve been taught to second-guess ourselves, to prioritize the opinions and expectations of others above our own innate wisdom. But let me tell you something: this disconnection, this relentless denial of our intuition and needs, has taken its toll on us for far to long.

And yet, there she remains, steadfast and unyielding: the Wild Woman. She exists as the very essence of our unshakeable spirit, embodying the primal strength that resides within us. The Wild Woman cannot be broken.

“Wild Woman is the health of all women.
Without her, women’s psychology makes no sense …
If they are suppressed, she struggles upward.
If women are free, she is free. … No matter how many times
she is forbidden, quelled, cut back, diluted, tortured,
touted as unsafe, dangerous, mad and other derogations,
she emanates upward in women…”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves

When your spirit feels fractured and your voice muted, let the Wild Woman emerge as your guiding light. Listen to her whispers, reminding you to honor your intuition, to listen to the ancient wisdom that resides within us.

How We Can Embrace Her

So, if you’re longing to find her, I suggest you go searching in the wild places where your spirit feels at home. Seek her in the crashing waves that stir something deep within you, in the heavy downpours that wash away the weight of the world, and in the booming thunder that reverberates through your very soul.

Honor her when the music calls to you, sing your heart out without a care in the world. Whether it’s belting out tunes in the shower, serenading the steering wheel in your car, or sharing your melodies with loved ones, let your voice soar freely, unbound by judgment or criticism. When you feel the pressure weighing down on you of all the things you should be doing, should have done, should think and feel; Dance. Allow yourself to flow freely, intuitively, surrendering to the wisdom that resides in every fiber of your being. Move in a way that nourishes your soul, releasing the burdens that no longer serve you.

It’s in these moments of unadulterated self-expression that you honor the Wild Woman within. You embrace her by giving yourself permission to be fully present in your own skin, to release the pressures and demands that weigh you down.

And remember, the Wild Woman within you is not a fleeting presence. She is a constant, unwavering force, ready to guide you at any moment. I hope you’ve found some wisdom today, that can stay with you as you venture back out into this chaotic world. Embrace that beautiful wildness that resides deep within your soul, and let it shine through every fiber of your being. And if you’ve enjoyed this post and want more soulful goodness, I’d love for you to join my weekly newsletter. It’s where I share a heartfelt poem each week. Together, let’s keep embracing our wild, wise, and wonderfully imperfect selves.

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