Whether you’re a first-time poet or a seasoned author, we all encounter moments where we could use a little extra support. The good news is that in this day and age, there are countless resources available that have been created by writers for writers.

Here you will find my personal favorite resources, that I have found the most helpful, all in one place. Enjoy!

Resources For Fiction Writers


Reedsy offers many free and paid resources for writers that I have found incredibly helpful. Including their plot generator, booktube channel guide, writing exercises and publisher’s directory.


World Anvil is a world-building platform that allows writers and creators to organize and develop their fictional worlds in a detailed and structured way. It provides a suite of tools for organizing information on characters, locations, organizations, magic systems, and more.

One Stop For Writers

onestopforwriters.com is a platform that I’ve found incredibly valuable. They provides a collection of writing resources which includes templates and tools for character development, story structure, world-building, etc. And it’s another great place to organize your thoughts and map out details of your story.


Artbreeder.com is an online tool that allows users to generate images of people, animals, and other objects by combining visual elements using AI.
Generating images of characters can help you get a clearer idea of what their characters look like and how they might move and interact with their environment.

Resources For Poets


This website is run by the Academy of American Poets and offers a wealth of resources for poets, including poems, essays on craft, writing prompts, and information on upcoming events and opportunities.


This daily poetry email newsletter is run by the Academy of American Poets and features a new poem each day, along with accompanying commentary and biographical information about the poet.

The Writer’s Center

This nonprofit organization offers a range of classes and workshops on poetry writing, as well as other forms of creative writing.

The Poetry Archive

This website offers recordings of poets reading their own work, as well as information on the poets themselves and their writing processes.

Other Resources

The Creative Penn

This website is run by author Joanna Penn and provides a range of resources for writers, including articles on writing craft, marketing and promotion advice, and information on self-publishing.

The Independent Publishing Magazine

This website offers information and resources for writers who are interested in self-publishing their work.


This website provides a range of resources for writers, including articles on writing craft, information on upcoming writing competitions and events, and a directory of literary agents and publishers.


This website offers editing and proofreading services for writers, as well as a range of writing resources, including articles on grammar and writing style.

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